Art is the transmitter of the unspoken.

(J.W. von Goethe)

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The beauty of the things is living in the soul of those, who are observing them.

(David Hume)

°°° R E C E N T °°° A R T W O R K S °°°

Floor-painting “Being in a flow”

“Inspired by the “Flow-Theory by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, we are aiming to represent the state of flow with this installation, in which you just feel like everything is working out well. Enjoy!

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Wall-painting for “pro mente Kärnten”

Just in time before the new office space will be opened, we had the honour to paint the meeting& employees’ room of pro mente Carinthia in a friendlier tone.

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We proudly present our brand new Andrago-collection of 2023, “The Artist Is Present”, including new techniques, with acrylic colors, moreover with a possibility of shaping it individually by the observers, presented in the size of 1 meter!

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From more than 500 photographs of a life full of events and memories, we received a request to form a picture. One of our acrylic painting was used as a background, while in the center of the painting a young portrait of the person we celebrated was placed. It was a wonderful surprise!

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Driftwood Fish Art – Made in Venice, Italy

While we are working on cleaning the shore and beach area of Venice, Italy, from time to time we find wonderful pieces of wood which we turn into a school of fish. If you want to support our activity, you are welcome to make a contribution and buy one of the artworks!

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We continue with our cleaning project and aiming to free from garbage the shore of Venice-Lido. It is an ongoing activity and therefore, we also invite the locals to help us to preserve nature!

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